Centre Activities

  • White Water Rafting
    Under the supervision of one of our experienced raft guides you, and up to 5 crew mates, will paddle down our 300 metre, man-made Whitewater course. In a specifically designed raft. This session includes a safety briefing, Then it's on with the action, a quick warm up at the top of the course to get you in tune with your crew mates and away you go on the first of a number....
  • White Water Tubing
    Our trained tubing instructors will control and assist the group, seated in one of our inflatable tubes, you endeavour to navigate the exciting whitewater of our 300m course This session includes a safety briefing and builds gradually in challenge allowing you to grow comfortable with your new craft and experience the thrill of each new section....
  • Holiday clubs
    These Activity days provide an introduction to a range of adventurous activities from Whitewater Tubing to High rope elements. While also looking at team building and creating new friendships, A few other activities could include canoeing, kayaking, bush craft and raft building. Activities will vary on a daily basis and allow for a range of games on and off the water as well as a trip down the river.
  • Sunday Splash
    These days are aimed at children that would like to learn a variety of canoeing and kayaking skills in a fun and exciting way and also working through their Paddle Power scheme. There are five different levels of the Paddle Power scheme so depending on their experience and how many times they attend this will determine what level Paddle Power they achieve.
  • Raft Building
    You and your group will be provided with a set of materials and advice if requested from one of our instructors. You will then need to work together and use your knowledge and imagination to build your own raft to hopefully keep it afloat as you test it out on the river.
  • Land Activities
    You will be supplied with materials and given a challenge. As a group you will need to discuss what you have been given and the best way to jointly achieve your given task. This could be as simple as being given a starting point – logs, rope and other items – an end point –…
  • High Ropes Elements
    Coming Soon....